Welcome to the official Harleqvin art website.

Harleqvin is the street art alias of Doug Nox, who is me, who is a nerdy dude from Philly. My favorite artist is Austin Osman Spare and my favorite video game is Little Nemo's Dream Master.

I've tried to include the highest resolution images here as possible, so plz be patient if some of them take a little bit to load.

The New Gargoyles 2016

A revised version of my earlier series, based on the shamanic spirits of Philly's urban landscape.

The Watchtower Series 2015-2016

A series of watercolor and ink drawings based on the Enochian Tablets as connected to the loftiest skyscrapers of Philadelphia. Warrior Kings of the Empire. They are currently available through Paradigm Gallery.

Shrines of the Burlesque 2013

A rather enigmatic exploration of the symbols behind my namesake, the pantomime AKA the harlequinade.

Philadelphia Crystal Shards 2014-2016

The Crystal Shard series is a tribute to Philadelphia. It encapsulates sections of Philly's iconic skyline within shards of crystal, which are thought to conduct and amplify metaphysical energy. Prints of the first 3 are available through Paradigm Gallery.

Gargoyles Wheatpaste Series 2012-2016

An ongoing and evolving series of location-specific wheatpastes meant to interact with the Genii Loci of various east coast cities.

Misc. Other Stuff 2010-2015

Just random other art. Commissions, one-offs, collabs, etc.

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