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More Gargoyles

October 27, 2015

Gargoyle Rat Gargoyle Goddess

Spider Circus

February 23, 2014

Spider Circus

Spider Circus

A collaboration with Ryan and Vanessa Valentine. Psychic street portrait of Ryan.

Philly Ghede

December 29, 2012

Ghede detail


Nox Portrait

December 29, 2012

First of a new series. Characters of the Harlequinade.

Psychic self-portrait detail

Psychic self-portrait

Gargoyle #4 – Earth

July 13, 2012

Gargoyle 4 - Earth

The final Gargoyle, of the element Earth. He seems to have elicited a very polarized response from people…some calling him “Satanic” while others expressed a sense of awe and reverence in his presence. Either way, all three of the prints of him were buffed rather quickly.

Gargoyle 4 - Earth

Resurrect Dead

March 15, 2012

Resurrect Dead Detail

This is a piece about rebirth. The first of a new series…the Saints. This piece was a lot of fun to do and everyone in the neighborhood seemed to have a strong reaction to it. A guy in his delivery truck backed his truck up halfway down the block to get a better look, but the best was probably the old dude who worked across the street: “that shit is WEIRD!” Haha…yes, yes it is.

Resurrect Dead

The title of this series, “Resurrect Dead” is an homage to the Toynbee tiles and the excellent documentary of the same name.  I remember seeing the tiles at various crossroads around Philly as a kid and being drawn to their cryptic message.  It was not until hearing of the documentary that it all came back to me, and luckily a lot of the detective work had already been done.  I highly recommend checking it out for some insight into real contemporary urban mythology.

the Gate and the Key

February 13, 2012

the Gate and the Key

Talismanic painting in honor of the spirit. The general reaction indicates a potent and successful result.

the Gate and the Key

Gargoyle #2

January 9, 2012

The creation of this piece was quite an adventure…I’ll try to write a bit more about it at some point, but if you’re sharp you should be able to pick up on some of the method to the madness.  This one is at 19th & Chestnut.

A Fallen Monument

November 29, 2011

This size is much more becoming for this gargoyle.  Although obviously the sigils need some work…it would be good to develop a more traditional graffiti handstyle.  More for the to-do list.  Also have some shots of the new ascended elemental priests on each side.  This is in the tunnel under route 95 on Fairmount Ave. and 2nd st. in Northern Liberties.  I love that it’s under this major highway that stretches from the top to the bottom of the east coast.

Crossroads Consecratin’

November 23, 2011


This piece didn’t last very long, unfortunately … it was an original, too.  This building just looks like a massive blank canvas…how can you not want to fill it up?